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Live the Lux Life

Spend your free time on the ocean in Miami Beach, Florida! Charter the 75 foot Sunseeker Mega Yacht for your next excursion. The 75 Mega Yacht is the sister to the 70 foot Sunseeker, larger in size in just about any way you can imagine. With smart engineering and a design that gives you the illusion that you’re on a boat that’s much larger than she actually is. She’s a pleasure to be on in the open waters in Miami.

75' Sunseeker Yacht

  • Pricing listed is based on hours selected 4, 6 or 8 hour increments and may fluctuate based upon availability. Please include what dates you would like to book at time of booking. Weekend booking windows are from 10a-4pm or 4:30pm-11pm. Pricing includes pickup, idle speed fuel, ice and captain. Pricing DOES NOT include tip for crew unless noted. All charters are for 13 people Maximum including charterer at anytime (including at the dock in transit or while at anchor). All charters are rain or shine other than government issued severe storm warnings. Eg. Severe lightning, thunder, gale force winds.

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